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How Is This Different From the Other Tree Planting Projects?

This isn't just another tree planting project. We are letting forests regenerate themselves, with a focus on ecological understanding and long-term benefits, giving us:

The right tree in the right place

Far more trees turn up naturally than any project could afford to buy and plant. Only the ones in the right place survive.

Native species best adapted to local conditions are the most likely to survive. We will remove invasive species where we have to.

We will plant some trees, to create the best conditions for the natural regeneration process. We will plant native species appropriate to the site in question, sourced locally where possible.

Healthier trees with stronger roots

Trees don't like moving. Trees that grow in the right place are stronger, healthier, and more resilient to extreme weather events.

Valuable habitats

New forests sites create habitat from day one. While forest sites are regenerating they provide valuable habitats, like scrubland, which are home to some of our most iconic species.

As the forest matures these habitats will continue to exist in clearings and at the forest edge, while new habitats form in the deeper woodland.

Why Now?


We still have time to make all the difference we need to make. But we need to start right now.

Will It Really Help?

It really will. Forests are amazing.

Forests sink carbon, but they do so much more. They are havens for biodiversity, in terms of the plants and animals we are used to thinking about, but also supporting diverse ecologies of living soil. They provide resilience to extreme weather events and flooding. In urban environments they reduce pollution. Forests have mental and physical health benefits, being in forests is good for humans.

Because our forests will be around for the long-term, they will have the chance to develop to their full potential providing all those benefits for as long as they exist.

The Plan

We're going to start with building a community. That's why we'd like you to sign up for updates.


Once enough people are involved, we'll start a crowdfunding campaign to buy the first forest site and show people we can deliver. Then we'll open up subscriptions to keep the good work going.

In the future we will also look at how larger organisations can support our project, in return for impact reports on carbon sequestration and biodiversity increase, with appropriate international certification.

Now is the time to act

We know that isn't a question, but we thought it was worth saying.

Organisations, projects, and movements are springing up all over the world. This is one project among many, and that diversity of approaches is exactly what the world needs to solve these big problems.

Let's get going.