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We Need More Wild Forests

line of trees with coloured leaves

1. Climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse are affecting us all.

2. We need to start regenerating nature.

3. Natural forests are one of the best solutions.

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With Your Help, We Can Create New Forests

We can speed up the process of forest creation and regeneration hugely, by tweaking local conditions like the temperature, humidity, wind, and supporting ecology.

We can do all that by providing planting some appropriate, native trees to support the many more that will naturally grow, and by making sure there are locally appropriate microbes and fungi in the soil to nurture the new trees as they germinate.

Regenerating forests will start pulling carbon out of the air, and providing habitat, as soon as green things start growing.

A sign indicating we will not remove our forests

We Will Never Tear Down A Forest

Sometimes when people talk about planting trees, they mean growing timber plantations. These don't support much biodiversity, and will eventually be cut down and harvested, destroying habitat and releasing carbon. We don't want to do that.

We will never remove trees except to increase biodiversity, control invasive species, or support traditional crafts. And because we own the land, our forests will be there forever, and they will be able to reach their enormous biodiversity potential.

How can you help?

Once we have a big enough community we will run a crowdfunding campaign to help create our first forest site. And after that we will offer ongoing subscriptions to support our work. But right now we just need you to show your support by signing up.

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p.s. And we will be sure to send you a few interesting bits along the way!

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What You Get

Everyone benefits from fighting against climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse. Closer to home, forests bring benefits to their local environment, like reducing pollution, or decreasing flood risk.

Where it is possible we'd like to consider opening our sites to the public. Being in forests is good for humans.

We'll keep you all up to date on progress, successes and failures, and new plans.

Subscribers will also get special, detailed reports on how the forests are progressing, and the benefits they are providing.

We're thinking about what else we can do for our supporters, if you have ideas let us know on the contact page!